how to install office 365?

How to install office 365?

Installing Microsoft Office on a laptop is no different than installing the software on a desktop or netbook. Some low-end or older laptops may have smaller hard drives which limits how much data can be written to disk. In this case, you can set up a customized install to load only the important applications or features to the laptop, reducing the amount of space Microsoft Office takes up on the hard drive. Learn how to install office 365 setup on pc or laptop.

Steps to install office 365

  • Log in to your Office 365 Account use your username and password to connect with your office 365 account.
  • The page will display what Office options are available for you. Click the Install button to install Office.
  • Once the download completes, double-click the package file to run the installer.
  • After you have completed the install process, open an Office application (such as Word) and you will be prompted to click Sign In To Activate.
  • On the next screen, enter your product key and click Next.
  • If you are prompted to choose the Microsoft account or Work account, choose Work Account.
  • Enter your password and click Sign In. Your Mac may prompt you that "Microsoft Office Setup Assistant would like to access your contacts." click OK.
  • Once you have finished activation, your application should open and be ready for use.

Fix the major error while installing microsoft office

Many times the users say that they are facing an issue while installing the Microsoft Office. These errors may also occur while they are running the program.

  1. To resolve this issue, we recommend that the users can restart the system and follow up by reinstalling the office in case the installation process fails without displaying any particular error.
  2. In case this procedure is not helping you we suggest that you must delete the temporary internet files from the system.
  3. Simply disable the add-in plugins and also the extensions on the browser
  4. Try to restart the browser settings if everything mentioned above fails.