activate office

Activate office

Office software has been one of the most used microsoft product, and it is now the backbone of various activities that we carry out on our personal and professional computers. Microsoft office is available, and it comes with a few new features and enhanced security.

Most people are moving to office latest other products, which is a cloud-based subscription product. The activation key is tied to your email account, and you must renew subscription according to your plan. But if you are still not ready for the cloud and you prefer lifetime licenses over subscriptions. This post covers everything about how to activate office setup.

How to activate office with product key?

On buying an office License from any online store, the user might get it with a product key. This is because you can easily activate the office through the product key provided by the retailer during purchase. However, it is necessary to link the product key with the account and then sign in with the similar account. Before executing the process, one should have the product key with themselves

  1. To activate office setup visit and then sign in through your microsoft account.
  2. After that, type office product key of 25 characters as provided and then choose your country as well as language. Click on Next, once done.
  3. This will redirect you to the “Microsoft Services and Subscription Page”. Look for the activate office product and then click on install Now for setup download.
  4. Run the setup for a successful office installation within your system. Sign in with the same microsoft account, if prompted.

    However, if you already have microsoft office installed, sign in by navigating to the file and then Account. Once done, go to product activation. After performing this step, the license will be linked with your account successfully and you need not have to enter it again.